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Mindfulness on the Run: Quick, Effective Mindfulness Techniques for Busy People


We all know how good mindfulness practice is for us, but how do you implement it in your life if you’re so busy you simply don’t have time for anything else? This is precisely where Mindfulness on the Run can help. As a busy psychologist, wife and mother, Dr Chantal Hofstee has developed a quick, effective program that enables you to slot mindfulness into your life without the need for formal meditation practice. The result will be a calmer mind, less stress, more focus, greater productivity, increased efficiency, enhanced creativity, and most importantly, a happier, more enjoyable life. Packed full of practical exercises that can be done in minutes, this is mindfulness that can be done anywhere, anytime — even when you don’t have time!

SPECIFICATIONS: Paperback | 229 x 152 mm | Black & White | 256 Pages |


DR CHANTAL HOFSTEE is a clinical psychologist and executive coach, who specialises in stress management and leadership training. Chantal draws on her knowledge of the brain and psychology to explain the concepts of mindfulness-based thinking and teaches practical techniques that induce the ideal brain state for focus, productivity and performance. Her work is helping people thrive in their everyday (work) life and has been called ‘gently life changing’ and ‘transformational’. Her first book Mindfulness on the Run was published internationally by Exisle Publishing and was very well received. To find out more about Chantal and her work, visit

The Dr Pat Show, July 2016
Dr Chantal Hofstee appeared on the Dr Pat Talk Show to give insight on her mindfulness benefits and tips for busy people

TV 3’s The Cafe, June 2016
Dr Chantal Hofstee talks to The Cafe about how mindfulness tips for busy people can reduce stress and anxiety.
Click here to see the feature!

The Daily Telegraph, May 2016
“The risk of not saying no is an overcrowded calendar, rushing from one thing to the next and not really enjoying any of the things you’re doing.”

Ladies in Racing Magazine, January 2017
“a quick effective programme that enables you to slot mindfulness into your life” – Click here to read the full review.

New Spirit Journal
“If you’re one of the people who says you would be more mindful if only you had the time for it, this is your book. It can quickly become a friend in your search for greater peace, ease, and joy.”

The Bookseller, March 2016
“Quick, effective programme… through practical exercises that can be done in minutes…”


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